Awarables is a medical device company focusing on sleep health. The Company provides devices, software applications, data analysis, and testing services to consumers and clinicians to understand personal sleep behavior over the course of multiple nights sleeping in the person’s home. The company also provides support services for improving sleep health based on quantitative, personalized data collected by its products. The mission of the Company is to help people sleep better as a foundation for better health. The Awarables Sleep Analytics System (SAS) is intended to address the long term monitoring and treatment of poor sleep, especially insomnia, as a chronic condition.  The SAS includes measurement of physiological data using small wearable wireless sensors, algorithms for signal processing and feature extraction hosted in a smartphone for computation of the subject’s sleep architecture for each night, software to display the analytical results to the user, and to transmit them to a server (or clinician), psycho-motor vigilance tests for self-evaluation, and recommended interventions (under clinical supervision), including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBTi) and sleep coaching.

This project was approved for a 2015 Target Challenge award focused on apnea prevention and diagnosis.