Lite Run Pediatric Gait Trainer

The Lite Run Pediatric Gait Trainer is an innovative device in the treatment of children with gait and balance difficulties. The system consists of a sophisticated Gait Trainer and specially designed “spacesuit” pants, which use air pressure to support up to 50 percent of a child’s body weight. Just as water pressure supports a swimmer’s body, air pressure in the pants supports the child. This provides stability for patients and reduces the therapist’s need to physically support the child, freeing her hands to practice therapy. Technology developed for astronaut spacesuits allows Lite Run’s pants to remain comfortable and flexible even when fully pressurized so the child retains full joint mobility in gait training. In conjunction with the patented Pediatric Gait Trainer, the suit aids the child in sit-to-stand transitions so that a single therapist can conduct gait therapy. The Pediatric Gait Trainer has electro-mechanical and pneumatic controls to supply air pressure to the pants, a compact frame that provides easy maneuverability, and open architecture that allows the therapist access to the legs. Together these features provide comfort, safety and security for the child and reduced physical burden for the therapist.