How do I apply?

NEPDC only accepts applications through our web-based submission system. To apply, you will first need to create an account in the system. Then, you can complete and submit a non-confidential abstract proposal that will be reviewed within 5-10 business days. At that point, you may be invited to submit an application for Pre-Seed Funding. NEPDC uses standard templates for each phase of review that are available for viewing within the submission system once an account has been created.

Who can apply?

Our grant review process is open to any US entity seeking commercialization support of a pediatric medical device. You can read more about specific eligibility requirements, confidentiality, and application terms and conditions here. We receive applications from a variety of backgrounds including small and large businesses, individual clinicians, researchers, or entrepreneurs.

When should I apply?

NEPDC has instituted a quarterly review process. This consists of three general submissions and an annual Target Challenge. While you can submit an abstract at any time, we strongly encourage you to submit your abstract with enough time to account for a 5-10 business day review and adequate time for preparing a strong application for our competitive grant review process. To find out when our next application deadline is, scroll down to upcoming key dates here.

Do I need to be located in New England?

No! Although we are the New England Pediatric Device Consortium, any US entity is eligible to apply and receive funding and support through NEPDC. Our team is willing and capable to work remotely with clients through teleconferencing and other means.

Is my idea/device/project a good fit for NEPDC?

We commonly get this question and while it may seem straightforward, it is difficult to answer without reviewing the initial abstract. NEPDC’s mission is to support the commercialization of pediatric medical devices. If you are developing what you believe to be a FDA regulated device for use in the pediatric population, then we invite you to explore more about our review process here.

What is the difference between Pre-Seed and Full Seed?

A Pre-Seed Award issues up to 40 hours of NEPDC in-kind services and up to $10,000 of discretionary funding over a 3 to 9 month project cycle. At the completion of a Pre-Seed Award, clients may be eligible to apply for Full Seed funding. These Full Seed Awards issue up to 200 hours of NEPDC in-kind services and up to $40,000 over a 12 to 18 month project cycle.

Who reviews my application?

We know that developing a medical device takes a multidisciplinary team. To be sure we have our bases covered, we have each application reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel that includes engineers, clinicians, and business professionals. Regardless of outcome, each applicant receives a thorough summary of written reviews with their decision letter from this panel. To learn more about our review process and how your application will be assessed, click here.

What criteria will my application be evaluated on?

All applications are assessed on 1) impact on pediatric quality of life, 2) market and business potential, 3) technical feasibility, and 4) value added by NEPDC assistance. Each area is scored on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 = best).

What should I request for in-kind services?

This is a common question, but difficult to answer without knowing more about your team and your device. We invite you to explore the NEPDC services on our website. Before applying, we ask you to consider the specific areas that your team may be lacking where we may be able to support you. Are you a team of technically skilled engineers, but are lacking clinical evaluation and validation of your idea? Or maybe you are a clinician working with your institution’s technology transfer office and want to better understand your business development options. We also ask you to consider the amount of service hours needed for those areas and that some tasks or skills may require more time than others. Below is a sampling of in-kind services prior clients have received from NEPDC:

  • Assistance navigating Institutional Review Board (IRB) procedures and preparing protocols for submission
  • Materials testing and selection
  • Industrial design work
  • A strategy for Customer Discovery and analysis of results for validation of your business model
  • Comparative effectiveness trial design to determine whether or not your device is equally or more effective than the current standard of care
  • Strategic advisement for FDA classification
  • Confidential design reviews by seasoned engineers from Simbex
  • Identification of companies for potential licensing agreements and strategic advisement of said agreements
  • Focus groups consisting of top tier clinicians and providers from our clinical partner organizations

Will NEPDC sign an NDA before I submit my application?

No. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and disclosing conflict of interest, as both relate to the development and eventual commercial success of your medical device. NEPDC implements a process for disclosing conflict of interest and maintaining confidentiality for potential and active clients. It is not our intention to disclose your ideas to entities that may be competitive to your business or compromise that success in any way. When you submit an abstract, we consider the information provided to be non-confidential. When your application is submitted for Pre-Seed consideration, this information is considered confidential to any of our reviewers or staff who view it.

What is your relationship with the FDA?

NEPDC receives funding through the FDA’s Pediatric Device Consortia (PDC) Grant Program. That means that at least a portion of each grant we give may come from the PDC program.

What is the “catch”?

There is no catch! This is the most common question we get at NEPDC. Since we are a non-profit, federally funded center, we take no commercial stake in your company. It is our mission to support the commercialization of pediatric medical devices and we have been doing that since 2013.

Still have question? Contact NEPDC to learn more!